Since 1975, Salvini Marmi has successfully worked in the marble- and stone-cutting industry thanks to a family tradition enriched with know-how, awareness and expertise. Specialized in the manufacturing of wall and floor tiles and slabs, the company, besides traditional products, started realizing innovative lines that could give a modern interpretation of marble in 2004. SALVINI STILE, a new young and dynamic company of Salvini Marmi Group, managed to reach the ambitious target of going beyond the stereotype of marble, which is commonly seen as a cold anonymous material, thus making it an innovative furnishing accessory able to transmit a very welcoming sensation that perfectly fits the most advanced design projects.

The SALVINI STILE project, born of the collaboration with Architect Baratelli's Studio Asia, aims at reinterpreting natural stone and putting it back in contact with our daily lives. All the proposals made have the special quality of adapting the different interior decoration types, from the most modern and minimalist to the most refined one, to the emotional being. SALVINI STILE's mission is to offer a living concept and not a mere general product.